Earth Day 2012: Walk There

This tip is part of San Diego Coastkeeper’s Earth Day blog series running through April 22, 2012.

Do your mental and physical health a favor and make less pollution. Walk there.

When you need a sandwich for lunch, to pick up some milk or to get cash from the ATM, walk there. You might find that you walked an extra five miles in a week and got a little stronger. You might run into a neighbor you haven’t seen in a while and have a chat. You might gain 30 minutes of peaceful time to yourself. And you’ll definitely leave a little less copper on the road from your car brakes, burn a little less fossil fuel and contribute a little less CO2.

(Yes, my biking friends, go ahead and ride there.)

Want to get interactive? These Android apps could be fun.

However you do it, make your life easier. Walk there.