Do clean water issues cut right to your "Core"?



Join San Diego Coastkeeper’s Amazing Volunteer Core

If you’re reading this article, something about San Diego Coastkeeper intrigues you.  And how could it not?

We tackle everything from marine conservation, reducing marine debris, eliminating urban runoff, educating our community about the importance of clean and healthy waterways and everything else related to water in San Diego.

And if you’ve browsed the website, you’re probably also thinking you should thank your lucky stars San Diego has an awesome organization like this to protect our quality of life.

But even with a team of educators, scientists, lawyers, volunteers, and members, we still can’t do it all. . . and this is where you come in:

Join our Volunteer Core starting on Wednesday, October 6.

We’ll provide you with the chance to get your hands dirty in one of our truly important campaigns. We provide a six-session training course, a chance to get to know the ins and outs of Coastkeeper’s work and the opportunity to do something outstanding for our planet and our community.  On top of all that, we provide you with a customized six-month volunteer plan that fits your interests and your time availability.

And the best thing about dedicating your time to Coastkeeper? You have San Diego’s largest environmental non-profit at your back.  So any project you take on, you have those 17 full-time professional scientists, lawyers and educators, plus our current Volunteer Core, helping you make the most of your time and energy.

Oh, and one more thing, you have me, Dylan Edwards, our full time Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator, to make sure your volunteer experience is everything it can be.

Email or call me (619.758.7743 x 131). I can’t wait to hear from you.