Copper Hull Paint Bill Passes First Committee

Back from Sacramento, with, if not a happy ending , then at least a happy beginning.  The copper hull paint bill Coastkeeper is sponsoring made it out of its first committee on a 5-1 vote. The bill now heads to its next hurdle: Senate Appropriations.  Over the next few weeks, the bill heads to at least six committees total before it will be ready to hit the Governor’s desk (I’m reminded of the Schoolhouse Rock classic, I’m just a bill.)  That’s if it can survive each one of those tests, and that’s where Coastkeeper comes in.

california-state-capitol-2As a nonprofit focused on the water quality issues caused by pollutants like copper, we’ve got a story to tell.  We count ourselves lucky to have incredible diversity in our membership – boaters, regulators, environmentalists, naturalists, businesspeople.  Our members want clean water in San Diego, and they also want to get out to enjoy that resource, on boats.  With your generous support, I can go to Sacramento and tell legislators why this bill is needed, and what will happen if it doesn’t pass.  Coming from a group with such a long history, that’s something they want to hear.

I’ll be travelling up to the capital next week to meet with all the statewide stakeholders; from paint manufacturers to hull cleaners, environmentalists to boat owners, we’ll be talking copper.  If there’s a message you want me to bring to this group, leave it here in the comments and I’ll raise it at the meeting.

Stay tuned…