Community Advisory Council


Brent Alspach

brett_alspach_coastkeeperCommunity: Oceanside

Key Issues: I would like to make sure the public is educated about water supply and treatment issues: the need to conserve more; the benefits (and safety) of reuse and desalination; the true costs of water supplies weighed against the benefits. Ideally, I would like our local population to be educated enough to make good decisions apart from the rhetoric.

Favorite Part of the Community: The weather in January is hard to beat, but I also love the landscape stretching from the coast to large hills and “mountains” within 20 miles or so and then into true mountains within about 50 miles.  Pretty cool!  Fortunately, we haven’t developed it all into suburban sprawl yet.  Hopefully we can preserve open space while targeting focused, smart growth.  

Margarita Diaz

margarita_diaz_coastkeeperCommunity: Tijuana

Key Issues: Bi-national water issues and water quality

Favorite Part of the Community: My favorite part is that Tijuana is a coastal community.



Jenny Kressel

jenny_kressel_coastkeeprCommunity: Mission Hills

Key Issues: Clean beaches and waterways so people can safely enjoy swimming and playing at the beach as well as representing triathletes that train in the ocean and bay.

Favorite Part of the Community: I absolutely love living in Mission Hills because it’s a walkable community; I can save on gas and help the environment by walking to restaurants, grocery stores, parks from where I live!  

Taya Lazootin

taya_lazootin_coastkeeprCommunity: College Area (with roots in North County)

Key Issues: Anthropogenic impact on our waterways, both fresh water and marine. I am interested in looking at the effects of pollution on marine habitats and would like to devise plans to both minimize pollution levels from residences and stimulate awareness about them.

Favorite Part of the Community: I live near San Diego State University, and it’s great to live in such an active place. My favorite part of living in San Diego is that the weather allows me to experience all that San Diego has to offer anytime of the year. I can spend quality time in Balboa Park, see a play or musical, go to a great concert, eat foreign cuisine, walk around one of the museums, hike in Mission Trails, go to a baseball or football game and, of course, swim in the ocean at pretty much anytime of the year.

Harry Orgovan

harry_orgovan_coastkeeperCommunity: Chula Vista (born and raised)

Key Issues: Storm drain runoff, water monitoring, water salinity, water clarity and quality of water as a home for wildlife.

Favorite Part of the Community: Exploring the Wildlife Reserve and Refuge in my local community. Owning and operating a kayak rental and tour business on San Diego Bay brings me in close contact with the water on a daily basis. 

Allison Price

allison_price_coastkeeperCommunity: Mission Valley

Key Issues: Since I work in the healthcare field, safety and health issues are important. I feel confident to deal with anything that makes our water safer for swimming, drinking and fishing.

Favorite Part of the Community: That I live five minutes from everywhere!  Really.


Craig Sherman

craig_sherman_coastkeeperCommunity: Carmel Valley

Key Issues: Conservation and urban runoff

Favorite Part of the Community: The canyons, lagoons and mesas around Carmel Valleyare my favorite part of the community.



Jessica Toth

jessica_toth_coastkeeperCommunity: Cardiffby the Sea

Key Issues: Water scarcity and educating residents and business about the impact of water-use choices

Favorite Part of the Community: Walkable neighborhood: schools, restaurants, food shopping, post office, library and beach.


Hector Valtierra

hector_valtierra_coastkeeperCommunity: La Mesa and El Cajon

Key Issues: While seeing a steady increase in our population and geographic distribution of society throughout the county, I am interested in finding ways to sustainably manage our local waterways and reservoirs.

Favorite Part about the Community: Lake Murray, as well as nearby Cowles Mountain and Mission Trails Regional Park, are great places to bike and hike. I also enjoy biking along the Santee stretch of the San Diego River. La Mesa Village is a favorite for unique shops and restaurants.

 Alberto (Beto) Vasquez

beto_vasquez_coastkeeperCommunity: Encanto (Raised in Logan Heights)

Key Issues: My current key issue with respect to water would be the pricing of potable water and the importance of maintaining affordable rates for San Diegans.  In addition, the provision of safe and accessible recreational water areas for local residents has been of constant concern.

Favorite Part of the Community: My favorite part of living in my community has to be attributed to the people and the unique features found within.  Southeast San Diego is not only urban but rich with a vibrant culture that truly captures the convergence of yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s generations.  Similarly, I like to think every community within San Diego has its distinct character.