Coastkeeper Staff Wins Bike to Work Challenge

Congratulations to San Diego Coastkeeper, San Diego Region’s Bike to Work Month Corporate Challenge Winners!

As part of SANDAG’s Bike to Work Corporate Challenge, staff members hopped on their bikes to reduce pollution, conserve energy and burn some calories. Here’s a few stats from our participation:

  • 73% of staff biked to work at least once during May.
  • 112 miles: The award for most miles logged in May by a member of our staff goes to Jen Kovecses. Double kudos for Jen, who was sidelined with a wrist injury for half the month!
  • 40 trips. The award for the most number of bike trips in May goes to Jamie Ortiz.
  • Every day! We had at least one Coastkeeper employee bike to work every day in May.

Here’s how we helped the planet by riding our bikes:

  • 16 gallons of gas saved
  • 315 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions avoided
  • 8,670 pounds of carbon monoxide emissions avoided
  • 591 pounds of hydrocarbons saved
  • 90 single-occupancy vehicle trips avoided
  • 395 single-occupancy vehicle miles avoided

Join the movement! Jump on your bike and help us protect the environment. Ride to work, ride to run errands—just leave the car at home and ride!