Coastkeeper is Making Sure San Diego Bay Gets Clean

Here is an update on the San Diego Bay Cleanup from student attorney Courtney Cole.
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Toxic chemicals released during ship building and repair have accumulated in the sediment below San Diego Bay for decades, threatening aquatic life, aquatic-dependent wildlife, and human health. Last March, the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board issued an order requiring those responsible for the discharge to remove the contaminated sediment and restore water quality in San Diego Bay.

San Diego Coastkeeper recently submitted comments on the cleanup’s Waste Discharge Requirements, regulations designed to protect water quality while sediment is being dredged. Our primary concern is that dischargers are required to conduct the cleanup in the manner most protective of water quality and the communities surrounding the project site. Also, protocol should be presented as clearly and specifically as possible to ensure that it is followed.

San Diego Coastkeeper has been committed to seeing contaminated sediment removed from San Diego Bay for over twenty years. Our involvement in the cleanup will continue when Coastkeeper’s legal team, with Waterkeeper Jill Witkowski at the helm, attends the Regional Water Quality Control Board hearing on July 10 to voice our concerns. If you want to make sure San Diego Bay gets clean, join us at the hearing and say so!