Why Cathy Stiefel and Keith Behner Decided To Fuel A Movement

cathy-keithCathy and Keith are on a mission to make a difference. For more than five years, Cathy Stiefel and Keith Behner have partnered with San Diego Coastkeeper to massively expand the reach of our education program, Project SWELL. Because of their passionate engagement and tremendous generosity, local water issues and a conservation ethic have permeated classrooms across the County. They see inspiring, hands-on water education for our next generation of leaders as a vital part of a more fishable, swimmable, drinkable future for San Diego County.

Last year, Cathy and Keith made it possible to expand our team with our Project SWELL education specialist. The expansion has had an incredible impact on the program, allowing San Diego Coastkeeper to reach more future leaders more effectively with inspiring, formative education experiences.

“In the time that Keith and I have been supporting Project SWELL, the program has grown substantially – serving more grades, training more teachers and reaching more schools and students,” says Cathy, who is also a board member of Coastkeeper.

Cathy and Keith’s engagement is truly an investment in San Diego’s future. You can thank them for the engaged community members and the smart decision making for our water in the next couple of decades. Or, if your kids cite the dwindling water levels in the Colorado River Basin the next time they refuse to take a bath, you can thank Cathy and Keith for that, too.

“We believe that childhood science education is critical to developing an educated and aware citizenry for our region. There is no more important issue in San Diego than water quality and the sustainability of water resources in our unique coastal environment. We have been more than gratified by the growth of the program and the enthusiastic reception from teachers and students alike,” says Cathy.