APPetite For Swimming

swimguideData shows San Diegans love the nationwide swim app! Swim Guide, developed by the Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, is a free app that allows you to view the water quality information of almost all of San Diego’s beaches. Updated daily, the app and web page make it so easy to check out current beach advisories.

Everyone knows after it rains you shouldn’t get in the water, but what about on a daily basis, especially here in San Diego where we don’t see rain that often? With the Swim Guide app, you can get this information right from your smartphone. The app allows you to see what beaches are safe nationwide, and it uses Google maps to help you get to the beach of your choice.

The beach statuses are updated twice a day, in the morning and at night, from information given by the County of San Diego. The app doesn’t just give current beach updates but also some cool historical information. The app allows you to find beaches, get directions and of course bookmark your favorites for convenience. The app is useful, super easy to use and warns beach-goers of poor water quality.

The Swim Guide has data for more than 400 beaches in California and 1,300 beaches in North America. The San Diego area has received the most hits on the Swim Guide app nationwide! This makes sense and is indicative of San Diego’s beach culture. The top five beaches looked at in San Diego were Children’s Pool in La Jolla, San Luis Rey River, La Jolla Cove, Blacks beach and Dogs Beach, respectively. The app definitely benefits our community here in San Diego with people swimming and surfing almost all year round.

Check the Swim Guide app daily because it’s always better to be safe than sick!

Don’t forget to download the free app. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can always look at San Diego’s beach status web page or get regular updates from our Facebook page.