Annual Report Part I: Fishable. Swimmable. Drinkable. _________able.

Part one of four in our Annual Report blog series highlighting everything Coastkeeper in the year of 2012.

Fishable. Swimmable. Drinkable. _______able.


How do you fill in the blank?
Kayakable. Protectable. Enjoyable. Knowledgeable. Dependable.

The waters of San Diego County give something different to each one of us. From those who camp and fish at Lake Jennings to those who make a living from the ocean to those who bird-watch in the Tijuana Estuary, our waters channel adventure, relaxation and business to everyone who lives in and visits San Diego.

That’s the beauty of San Diego Coastkeeper—we protect and restore fishable, swimmable and drinkable waters in San Diego County so that you can fill in the blank with what matters to you.

Here’s a peek at how we filled in the blank in 2012:


Restorable – The Regional Water Quality Control Board ordered a cleanup of San Diego Bay.

Understandable – Community forums, our countywide watershed report, educator trainings on environmental science, internships and media coverage informed San Diego County.

Protectable – UCSD’s Global TIES helped us create a web-based app to monitor activity in marine protected areas.

You can read more about our top ten accomplishments in 2012, and we also invite you to hear from Board of Directors President Jo Brooks as she reflects on the year. We like that she filled in the blank with “invaluable”– as that perfectly describes how we feel about you. Last but not least, find out how you can get involved with Coastkeeper in 2013 and beyond.

Thank you for your support of San Diego Coastkeeper,

Megan and Jill