5 Eco-Friendly Family Activities

What do eco-friendly activities require? Only that it doesn’t hurt the environment in the process. It is as simple as that. However, lots of things do hurt the environment in some way. If you play a video game, you may think, “Hey I’m not hurting anything.” This is incorrect. When you play video games you are using electricity, electricity that is most likely created through the burning of coal or oils at power plants. Plus, video games aren’t exactly family oriented. Instead, here are five activities that can be done with the family, and is harmless to the environment.

The first and most eco-friendly would have to be making a family garden. Small ones that each family member can take part in tend to be very successful and cheap. Imagine not having to buy fruit or vegetables and just growing them. You could just pick anything you want off the plant and eat it. Plus, everything would be fresher than what you got at the grocery store because you’re getting it off the vine the day it is ripe. Family gardens don’t even require much money to start; if you wanted you could put the seed in an empty ice cream carton. The possibilities are endless.

What is a better use of a garden then making delicious food from its products? This brings me to my second eco-friendly family activity. Homemade pizza, it’s a tasty way to spend time with your family.Imagine ordering a normal pizza. People have to drive to your house to deliver, using up gas, and delivering it in a greasy cardboard box that is unrecyclable. Instead, if you make your own pizza, no one has to drive it to you and no greasy cardboard box. Also, it is easy to find cheap dough that you can knead yourself and will come out great. Nothing is better than making a meal with the family.

Potatoes have lots of uses; here is one more that is not as well known, potato printing. All you need is a knife, a potato and some paint. This activity is simple and fun. In four easy steps you will have your own homemade printing press and some cool pieces of art. First you would cut the potato in half to get a flat side. Then, you would carve out what you wanted to print in the potato. Third, you put the paint on the parts of the potato that you want to print of. Last, hold the side with the paint against some paper with pressure for about 5 or six seconds and voilà, you have art. This simple activity can bond a family together and at no expense to the environment.

One of the most sacred places in the household is the kitchen. The materials we need to give us energy and life are in there. Why not use it for some family fun? Food is something everyone has in common interest in, why can’t baking be? It is simple, clean and you will end up with a sweet snack to eat while going to work or while at lunch. Best of all, you will be doing it with the family. All you have to do is find a recipe on a website (or find an old one you haven’t used) and go out with your family to get the ingredients and then follow the recipe. This activity will leave you with a happy family and a sweet taste in your mouth.

Last but not least, take a bike ride. It is free; it’s a workout, and eco-friendly. Bike rides with the family can be very fun. You could go from taking a nice cruise down the street, to racing or to even biking on a trail. Each is a workout and does nothing to the environment. If you go on a trail you could stop at anytime and enjoy the nature around you. If you are lucky you could even spot some wild life. There are few things better than pointing out some cool or weird looking animal to your family. So strap on your helmets and take a ride, you won’t regret it.