10 Clean Water Resolutions for the New Year

sdc029-sIt’s nearly the New Year: what goals will you set to be the best You possible? In our quest to protect and restore fishable, swimmable and drinkable waters in San Diego County, we think about clean water goals every day. We share with you our approach on high-level policy and long-term projects that take decades to achieve, but we also want you to participate in your everyday life. We all should. In the spirit of this New Year and keeping San Diego sensational, we offer you these 10 clean water resolutions for the New Year.

  1. Try a new recreation activity in, on or by the water. Here part one in our I Love My ASBS blog series to get you started with some fun ideas in La Jolla.
  2. Pick up someone else’s trash off the ground. Every day, of course, but you can also sign up for a beach cleanup once a week.
  3. Learn the name of the waterbody nearest my home and workplace. And then volunteer to do Water Quality Monitoring and learn what’s in the water.
  4. Stop buying water in plastic bottles or using single-use plastic bags. These pollute our beaches and natural spaces, and also you.
  5. Spend more time with your family. San Diego is primed for together time as you tide pool, kayak, dive or volunteer.
  6. Explore all 11 San Diego marine protected areas. These are our underwater state parks; you shouldn’t skip any of them.
  7. Bring your own take out containers to avoid using StyrofoamTM. Not only is Styrofoam a single-use item (see resolution idea number 4), but it is also terribly harmful to the environment and your health.
  8. Take shorter showers. Or shower with a friend more often.
  9. Watch more beach sunsets. Really, people, why do we live here? It’s not enough to cleanup beaches without truly appreciating the beauty that San Diego has to offer. Do you know how many millions of people travel here every year to do just that? You can do it every day of the year, if you wanted.
  10. Donate to a good cause like environmental education, water monitoring or beach cleanups. Sure, a one-time or monthly contribution to clean water in San Diego is helpful, but this year, make it a challenge to donate often. Sponsor Coastkeeper during your 5K events, throw a cocktail party with a fundraising component, save your change.

What resolution will you add to the list?