April 26 – Coastkeeper Ranks in the Nation’s Top 100 Recipients of 1% for the Planet

Cali Bamboo tops Coastkeeper’s biggest 1% for the Planet donors from 2008 – 2010

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SAN DIEGO, April 26, 2012 – San Diego Coastkeeper, a local organization that protects and restores fishable, swimmable and drinkable waters in San Diego County, has made 1% for the Planet’s list of top 100 nonprofit recipients worldwide from 2008 to 2010.

As part of the global alliance of businesses committed to a healthier environment, participants in the 1% for the Planet program donate one percent of their gross annual revenue directly to nonprofit partners of their choice. Through this program, the San Diego-based company Cali Bamboo, which promotes the use of bamboo as a green construction material, contributed the most funds to Coastkeeper — giving $21,500 over the three year time span.

A portion of this donation funded Coastkeeper’s Water Quality Monitoring Program. Each month staff and volunteers collect and analyze water samples from nine of San Diego’s 11 watersheds. Water is tested for basic chemistry, nutrients, bacteria, and toxicity, and results are then shared with government regulators who use the data to make more effective decisions on how to reduce sources of pollution.

“Cali Bamboo takes the prize as an ideal business partner for San Diego Coastkeeper,” said Megan Baehrens, Coastkeeper’s development director. “The local business leads by example in choosing to sell environmentally friendly products. And it extends this basic belief into the community by sharing its profits with organizations like Coastkeeper, which make San Diego better for everyone.”

Many of Cali Bamboo’s customers show appreciation for the business model and opt for the bamboo products not only for their innate sustainability but because the company supports the local community through donations and volunteerism.

“Being based in Southern California, our company understands the precarious relationship between coastal communities and the quality of our water systems,” says Laura Kaplan-Nieto communications director at Cali Bamboo. “Coastkeeper’s work falls in line with Cali Bamboo’s mission to protect the environment, especially regarding the health of the ecosystems in and surrounding our oceans.”

In 2011, San Diego Coastkeeper received more than $42,000 through the 1% for the Planet donor program. Other 1% for the Planet participants donating to Coastkeeper include Drew George & Partners, Patagonia and Bambooki.

For more information on 1% for the Planet please visit http://www.onepercentfortheplanet.org, for San Diego Coastkeeper visit https://www.sdcoastkeeper.org, and for Cali Bamboo visit http://www.calibamboo.com.


SAN DIEGO COASTKEEPER: Founded in 1995, San Diego Coastkeeper protects and restores fishable, swimmable and drinkable waters in San Diego County. Learn more at https://www.sdcoastkeeper.org.

CALI BAMBOO: Based in San Diego, Cali Bamboo manufactures green construction materials for residential and commercial projects made primarily from bamboo — one of the world’s most durable and renewable materials. Founded in 2004, the company has become a model of how individuals, businesses and communities can implement modern design while maintaining structural strength and environmental integrity. Cali Bamboo’s wide range of products includes bamboo flooring, fencing, composite decking, plywood and more.