plastic bags


Move on a Local Bag Ban

That's what we said to Mayor Faulconer upon news that the statewide ban was challenged. 




2014 Annual Report: The Power of One


2014 Annual Report

There's truth in our numbers--check out these two infographics to see what we accomplished last year. 




Sea Level Wetlands

Time-Lapse: Wetlands are Superheroes

New video shows how our wetlands soak king tides like a sponge.




ocean commotion


Tickets on Sale Now

Our 4th Annual Ocean Commotion takes place on April 18 at Campland on the Bay. Buy your tickets today.  


Drought Map

Water Use is Up Since 2010  

A new report released this month shows that San Diego County's water use has increased, despite emergency drought conditions. We weighed in with solutions. 


Drinking Water

Did San Diego Conserve?

Governor Brown says he doesn't support statewide restrictions. Click to read if what's in place is working. 




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Donate to San Diego Coastkeeper

With you, we can protect San Diego’s aquatic playgrounds. Gifts of every size help us defend your salty seas and beautiful bays. From test tubes in our lab to hands-on...

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2014 Annual Report: The Power of One

2014 Annual Report: The Power of One

The most important number to San Diego Coastkeeper is the power of one—you. Every day, we pursue more fishable, swimmable, drinkable water throughout San Diego County. And none of it...

"Water We" Westview wolverines…

"Water We" Westview wolverines going to do?: A High School Conservation/Ecology Project

The challenge: Use the information on the water scarcity problems we face in San Diego to become the solution. That's what Vicki Binswanger’s Biology class at Westview High School, Poway...

Project SWELL well equipped to educate f…

Project SWELL well equipped to educate future generations on water issues facing San Diego and possible solutions.

Teachers have a great impact on the attitudes students have towards their class subjects and subsequently have the opportunity to cultivate an appreciation for San Diego Waterways. With the assistance...

Is San Diego Saving Water?

Is San Diego Saving Water?

Though the State Water Board has had water use restrictions in place since August 2014--and they seem to be working, the Monterey Herald quoted Governor Jerry Brown recently saying he's...

The Fabulous Hendershots

The Fabulous Hendershots

Bruce and Beth Hendershot are rockstars. The dynamic duo makes up half of our Lower Escondido Creek water monitoring team, a group of four individuals who met through our Water...

Eleven Things We Learned at Beach Cleanu…

Eleven Things We Learned at Beach Cleanups

Data – they aren’t just numbers. The data we collect every year during our beach cleanups include numbers, of course, but we also gather valuable anecdotal insights from seasoned volunteers...

The Vicious Cycle Making Our Drought Wor…

The Vicious Cycle Making Our Drought Worse and Worse (unless we stop it)

We’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news: California has found itself in the worst drought in recorded history. More bad news: Climate change and drought are trapped...

Time-Lapse Video of San Diego King Tides…

Wetlands are the superheroes of ecosystems. They may look like patches of mud and grass, but they're saving San Diego one tidal flow at a time. In addition, they help regulate...

Resolutions Simple Enough For a Kid

Kathryn C. Kelchner, a marine science teacher from the Chesapeake Bay, knows that lecturing isn’t the way to inspire kids to become passionate about taking care of our waters. So for...

Bay Health Improves as Campbell Sediment…

Bay Health Improves as Campbell Sediment Cap Remains Effective

The Campbell Shipyard used to be one of the most unfishable and unswimmable bodies of water in San Diego. From the 1880s to the 1920s, this part of the San...

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San Diego Coastkeeper's efforts have helped to reduce the number of sewage spills by 90% since 2001.


2014 Annual Report - It's Quantifiable & Thankable

The most important number to San Diego Coastkeeper is the power of one—you. Year in and year out, you are the support and inspiration that keeps us strong.

We proudly share with you our 2014 annual report and invite you to count the ways our team, along with you, improved fishable, swimmable and drinkable waters in San Diego County this year.

 See why 4014 was a great year for San Diego Coastkeeper   Check out our 2014 Annual Report! 


We present our annual report in these three parts:

Hear directly from our leadership on their shared joy for all that we've done together and their vision for 2015.

There is truth in numbers. They show the power of our impact—the results of work to improve fishable, swimmable and drinkable waters. Dive in, and count your way through the successes in our 2014 annual report.

It's the people of San Diego Coastkeeper that make us succeed. Set sail with a few key individuals from 2014, and let's look to celebrating 20 years of the people behind Coastkeeper as we head to 2015.

Happy fishing, swimming and drinking,

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