Sea Level Wetlands

Time-Lapse: Wetlands are Superheroes

New video shows how our wetlands soak king tides like a sponge.




Underwater Animals

Bite. Chew. Swallow. Your good deed is done.

On February 3, twenty percent of your bill at the Patio on Goldfinch will be donated to San Diego Coastkeeper. All you have to do is eat.  


Water bottle in rocks

2014 Beach Cleanup Data

Learn about the troubling trash trend we've discovered this year. 




glass of water

Know Someone Wasting Water This Winter?

Use this form to report water wasters, and let us ensure the proper agency takes action. 



Pretty Water

City of San Diego Approves Pure Water

It's unanimous--San Diego City Council says yes to critical elements of the large-scale recycled water program.  


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Donate to San Diego Coastkeeper

With you, we can protect San Diego’s aquatic playgrounds. Gifts of every size help us defend your salty seas and beautiful bays. From test tubes in our lab to hands-on...

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Time-Lapse Video of San Diego King Tides…

Wetlands are the superheroes of ecosystems. They may look like patches of mud and grass, but they're saving San Diego one tidal flow at a time. In addition, they help regulate...

Resolutions Simple Enough For a Kid

Kathryn C. Kelchner, a marine science teacher from the Chesapeake Bay, knows that lecturing isn’t the way to inspire kids to become passionate about taking care of our waters. So for...

Bay Health Improves as Campbell Sediment…

Bay Health Improves as Campbell Sediment Cap Remains Effective

The Campbell Shipyard used to be one of the most unfishable and unswimmable bodies of water in San Diego. From the 1880s to the 1920s, this part of the San...

These Ten Locations Featuring Urban Runo…

These Ten Locations Featuring Urban Runoff Pollution Will Shock You

Every year, the first major rain after the dry summer season gives us an opportunity to see the complicated problem of urban runoff and its impacts to our water quality...

“I Would Vacuum The World!”

“I Would Vacuum The World!”

Without question, my favorite task as part of the education team at San Diego Coastkeeper is teaching lessons for ProjectSWELL. Project SWELL (Stewardship: Water Education for Lifelong Leadership), a school-based science...

Port Funds $2.5M to Protect Water and Co…

Port Funds $2.5M to Protect Water and Communities

"The San Diego Unified Port District will protect the Tidelands Trust resources by providing economic vitality and community benefit through a balanced approach to maritime industry, tourism, water and land...

Two Hours: Tell Governor Brown We Need W…

Two Hours: Tell Governor Brown We Need Water Quality Results Faster

This last legislative session was good for California's waters. Our elected officials passed a package of bills to initiate regulation on the use of our overtapped groundwater resources, -- a...

New Classroom Presentations Teach Studen…

New Classroom Presentations Teach Students About Our Most Precious Resource

As this historic drought continues, it’s easy to see how dependent we are on water. Allowing students at a young age to explore the water in their communities creates a...

17th Annual Seaside Soiree Raises $30,00…

17th Annual Seaside Soiree Raises $30,000!

Wow! The Seaside Soiree was a lot of fun and a huge success. It was great to talk to you about your vision for fishable, swimmable and drinkable waters in San...

2014 Seaside Soiree Auction List: more p…

2014 Seaside Soiree Auction List: more prizes than you can shake a fish at

This year's Seaside Soiree will feature the following incredible prize packages for auction. If you haven't bought your tickets yet, buy them now here! Food. Drinks. Fishy Dance Moves.September 10, 2014.6pm...

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San Diego Coastkeeper's efforts have helped to reduce the number of sewage spills by 90% since 2001.


Coastkeeper Welcomes New Board Members
and its 2015 Executive Committee

We are proud to announce the addition of Sarah Boot, Jack Brown, Taya Lazootin, Elizabeth Taylor and Catherine Stiefel to our board of directors. The five bring substantial experience in corporate and environmental law, watershed science, finance and marine conservation.

Additionally, we invite you to read more about our new 2015 executive committee:

We can’t be more thankful for the years of work from our outgoing board members Jo Brooks, most recently serving as president; Sandor Kaupp, after nearly two decades of service, most recently as vice president; and Micah Mitrosky, most recently serving on the development and nominating and committee.

The County of San Diego has named January 6, 2015 as Jo Brooks Day in honor of her work protecting and restoring San Diego County’s fishable, swimmable, drinkable waters. As well, the Unified Port of San Diego on January 13th, 2015 recognized our beloved senior board member Sandy Kaupp in honor of his work protecting San Diego's waters. 

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San Diego Coastkeeper protects and restores swimmable, fishable and drinkable waters in San Diego County.


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