Paige Rohwer

Beach Cleanup Intern
Hometown: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Pronouns: She/Her
My favorite San Diego beer is:

I just turned 21, so I am still exploring the local breweries. I may prefer hard kombucha!

My favorite way to enjoy water is: I love to surf, swim, and hangout near the beach. I did not grow up near the ocean, so I go as often as I can.
I want to see a world where: Everyone is not only aware of environmental issues, but also realizes the urgent need for change. If everyone is passionate about creating solutions for environmental issues, substantial change can be made. However, this can only be done if people are educated on all the ways humans are affecting the natural world.

Paige works as the beach cleanup intern with San Diego Coastkeeper. She developed a passion for environmental stewardship after moving to California, and seeing a world where sustainable practices were taught and prioritized-which was not the case in New Mexico. This motivated her to educate herself about the changes that are needed, and educate others as well. San Diego Coastkeeper allows her to further her understanding of coastal environmental issues and solutions, while advocating to a large number of people from the community.

This passion for conservation and sustainability, led Paige to a career path in environmental studies. She is currently pursuing a B.S. in Geography with a minor in Sustainability at San Diego State University. Alongside her role at Coastkeeper, she works at the Office of Energy and Sustainability at SDSU, and with a SDSU Professor to model and study the impacts of wildfires. Outside of work she can be found anywhere near the beach, or exploring San Diego.