Hometown: San Diego, CaliforniaPortrait of Sam Sneen

My favorite San Diego beer is: Right now, “Sangria” Jazz Hands by Fall Brewing

My favorite way to enjoy water is: Swimming or hiking alongside rivers and creeks.

I want to see a world where people of all backgrounds are able to enjoy and benefit from the waters in their community.


Although born and raised in San Diego, Samantha didn’t have regular opportunities to experience our local water bodies as a child. It wasn’t until she began spending summers in her mother’s coastal hometown in Japan that she began to find herself moved by the beauty of the ocean and aware of its importance in sustaining healthy communities. Around this time, she also became passionate about sustainability and living a low-waste lifestyle, which she continues to strive to do. Now, Samantha is deeply appreciative of the all that San Diego’s natural environment has to offer, and is committed to keeping these spaces safe and making them more accessible for people of all backgrounds.

Samantha is currently a third-year law student at California Western School of Law, where she is a member of the Environmental Law Society. In her position with Coastkeeper, Samantha works as part of the advocacy team by researching and drafting legal documents and memos to support the organization’s litigation, legislative, and policy goals, as well as providing public agency testimony. When she’s not interning or studying, Sam can usually be found hiking, climbing, or cuddling with her fur babies – one cat and one dog.

Sam can be reached at [email protected]