Matt O'Malley

Hometown: Palisades Park, New Jersey

Pronouns: He/Him/His

My favorite San Diego beer is: Rum

My favorite way to enjoy water is: Submerged, up close with the world below the surface.

I want to see a world where clean water and healthy aquatic and marine ecosystems are recognized – and realized – as a basic right for both humans and the environment.



Matt serves as the executive director and managing attorney for San Diego Coastkeeper, where he leads the organization and directs Coastkeeper’s legal, policy, and advocacy work.

Prior to joining Coastkeeper in January 2014, Matt represented grass-roots environmental groups in the federal, state, and local arenas. He has experience in areas such as the Clean Water Act and NPDES permits, land use and growth management laws, CEQA, the Endangered Species Act, groundwater, soils, sediment remediation, and environmental justice, to name a few. By utilizing strategic partnerships, local, state, and national laws and regulations, as well as guiding the community engagement, education, and science work that Coastkeeper uses to tackle local environmental problems, Matt leads the organization in its mission to protect and restore San Diego County’s waterways and move towards safe, clean water for our region.

Matt currently serves as an alternate commissioner for the California Coastal Commission, and as legal committee chair and board member of the California Coastkeeper Alliance. Matt is actively licensed to practice law in California, Florida, and Washington State.

You can reach Matt at [email protected]