Why do you volunteer with Coastkeeper? I was born in Ocean Beach, grew up on the water and started sailing here. Coastkeeper is solely dedicated to protecting and restoring this wonderful playground.

What do you wish everyone knew about Coastkeeper? I have seen water quality improve in San Diego because of regulations and organizations like San Diego Coastkeeper.

When Mark Reynolds walked into Opening Ceremonies at Sydney’s Olympic Games, he made U.S. Olympic Yachting history as a four-time consecutive Olympic representative in the same event. Well-known as the “Star of the Star class,” Reynolds has the resume to back up the well-deserved nickname: two world championship titles (’00, ’95) and three Olympic medals (1992 Gold,1988 Silver, 2000 Gold) in arguably the most competitive one-design class in the world. Reynolds was introduced to the sport at age four by his father, Jim Reynolds, himself the 1971 Star World Champion (as crew for Dennis Conner). As a sophomore in college, Mark was All American on the San Diego State University sailing team in 1974. Mark led the team to a 2nd place finish both in 1974 and 1975 in the North American Dinghy Championships. A protégé of Conner’s, Mark started his first Olympic campaign in the Flying Dutchman class. Sailing with Miami’s Augie Diaz, Reynolds’ Olympic dreams were sidelined when the US boycotted the 1980 Games. A Star campaign, founded in 1986 with Hal Haenel (Los Angeles, Calif.), earned him four trips to the Olympics.

Mark was born in Ocean Beach and currently lives in Loma Portal. He graduated from San Diego State University and has a honorary doctorate from Piedmont College. He’s on the San Diego Yacht Club’s green sub committee and is a co-liaison for the Sailors for the Sea’s Clean Regatta certification program.

You can find Mark online at here.