Hometown: Gilbert, Arizona

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

My favorite San Diego beer is: Saint Archer Blonde

My favorite way to enjoy water is: Walking my basset hound at the dog beach

I want to see a world where we all truly learn how to live in unison with our waterways so that our oceans, rivers, lakes, etc. can thrive while still providing us sustainable resources and tranquility.

Jenny Cornelius grew up in the hot Arizona valley and escaped the heat by moving to Flagstaff to attend Northern Arizona University, where she received a B.S. in Biology and a minor in photography in 2016. Despite – or perhaps because of – growing up in the desert, she developed a passion for water that grew through many summers spent at the lake and plenty of road trips to the California coast. Early in life Jenny set a a goal to be near to ocean and she took whatever opportunity came her way that would bring her closer. This led Jenny to internships in Orlando, Long Beach, and San Pedro (just outside Los Angeles) in various zoological, educational, and research fields. Just before moving to San Diego, she worked in a lab that focused on understanding the aquatic ecology of the Colorado River. This is where she learned the importance of effective science communication in adaptive management of our natural resources – specifically, water. Jenny’s newfound love of aquatic conservation and pre-existing passion for the ocean ultimately landed her in San Diego in the summer of 2019, where she interned for San Diego Coastkeeper’s education team in the fall of that year.

Jenny is Coastkeeper’s operations and engagement coordinator, where she focuses on creating digital content centered on watershed awareness and environmental conservation that is accessible and applicable to students not only in San Diego, but everywhere. She wants children, young adults, and adults alike to understand their personal impact on clean water – no matter where they live.

When Jenny‘s not making videos, you can usually find her with a coffee in hand, camera on her shoulder, and pup by her side. Together, they’re either strolling the beach, looking for ice cream, or working on some sort of DIY project.

You can connect with Jenny via email [email protected].