Why do you volunteer with Coastkeeper? I volunteer because water is the most important issue of our region.

What do you wish everyone knew about Coastkeeper? There is literally another world below the surface just a few yards off of the shoreline. Everyone should take the time to visit and discover that wonderful place and learn about the work Coastkeeper does to protect it.

Glen is President of the Schmidt Design Group, Inc. a San Diego based landscape architecture and planning firm that specializes in both artful and environmentally sustainable solutions in their work.

Established in 1983, Glen’s firm has won more than 100 local state and national awards for design excellence, including 10 local Orchid awards. In 2005 Glen was inducted as a Fellow in The American Society of Landscape Architects for “Significant Works of Landscape Architecture”.

Glen has been active in lending his expertise toward responsible water policy in our region. He is past Vice-Chair of the Public Utilities Advisory Commission for the City of San Diego, has twice served on advisory committees for the Long Range Water Resource Plan for the City, and is past Vice-Chair of the San Diego Water Policy Implementation Task Force.

Glen holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Planning and Management from UC Davis. He is a San Diego native, an avid surfer, and a resident of Bay Park in San Diego.