Why do you volunteer with Coastkeeper? I volunteer because each and every one of us have a responsibility to protect and restore our oceans, rivers, streams, and lakes. The condition of our waters have a direct impact on human health and wildlife. Coastkeeper plays a critical role in creating environmental policy, education, and inspiring the public to work on safe and clean waters, and I am ecstatic to be a part of this effort.

What do you wish everyone knew about Coastkeeper? I wish that everyone knew how critical Coastkeeper is to ensuring safe water quality at our beaches, lakes, and even the source of our drinking water. Without an active organization focused 100% on representing the public at key negotiation tables or collecting critical water quality, we would be hard pressed to jump into the ocean with confidence.

I want to see a world where every day, people are actively choosing clean water, safe beaches, and healthy planet by adopting a sustainable lifestyle, shifting purchase choices towards responsible brands, volunteering once a year to create community change, and exploring how a healthy environment will improve our overall human health.

Dr. Cindy J Lin is the CEO and Co-Founder of the social good tech company, HOVE Social Good Intelligence, a mission-to-action lifestyle and data analytics company. HOVE (which is pronounced like “LOVE”) Social Good connects people to purpose driven brands and meaningful data by using a dynamic data platform to report synergistic environmental, health and social impact data trends. HOVE Social Good highlights people and companies who are proactively creating positive programs for our planet and health, or adopting sustainable processes that minimize harm to, or improve, our planet’s condition. Hove Social Good Intelligence’s mission is to enrich people’s lives with well researched information, robust data, and thoughtful data storytelling.

Before founding HOVE Social Good Intelligence, Dr. Lin achieved her childhood dream of working at the US Environmental Protection Agency. She spent 19 years at the US EPA engaged in international and national water protection projects, water quality standards development, polluted waters regulation, and sweeping environmental policy changes. This includes serving as the the US Regional Expert on the Clean Water Act, Applied Climate Change National Workgroup and as the Water Adviser at the US Embassy in Beijing, China. Dr. Lin is an avid ecologist, environmental scientist and engineer by training. She received her doctorate (D.ENV.) in Environmental Science and Engineering, M.S. in Environmental Chemistry, and B.S. in Biology, all from the University of California, Los Angeles