Water Education For All

Making sure San Diego stays fishable, swimmable and drinkable for years to come is an important part of protecting our water quality today. Soon, our water’s fate will be out of our hands–our kids will be in charge. This is why we created Water Education For All, a free environmental science curriculum designed specifically to build a generation of San Diego stewards and leaders who love and respect water as much as we do and who have the tools and passion to take action.

Water Education For All uses the environments that students live in and the local water problems that affect them to teach stewardship and inspire leadership. The lessons light up young minds with hands-on, inquiry-based education that empower kids to start creating real solutions to real problems in their own neighborhood. They even have the opportunity to generate and publish data to be used by other students, teachers and the public. We think the best way to teach kids to care is to build difference-making right into the process of learning. Kids exposed to Water Education For All get to experience the rush of solving a problem and changing their world, just by going to class.

Water Education For All is available in both Spanish and English and is adaptable for grades K-12 in traditional classroom settings and extracurricular programs. The curriculum builds on the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, so it’s useful to every teacher and every student in the county. The best part? It’s completely free and available immediately, right here.