Can you spot the water waste?

This is the second of a 5-part blog series examining the nature of our local water supply and how to increase the reliability of our supplies now and into the future.

Among the many things that make working at Coastkeeper great is the location of our offices. We come to work each day at Liberty Station – from our windows we can see a glimpse of San Diego Bay, the old navy channel, gardens and playing fields and historic buildings. But our buildings also stand amid a sea of turf grass. Personally, I prefer walking around gardens and pseudo-open space over walking through looming skyscrapers. But, turf grass means water – a lot of it.

At Coastkeeper, we like to think of ourselves as good water-Samaritans, so our staff is always on the watch for water waste. Recently, our intrepid Communications Director Jamie Ortiz, noticed clear signs of water waste right outside our front door at Liberty Station. Being the tech savvy person that she is, she documented it on video. I thought this might make for a fun water-wise quiz – How many water unwise things can you spot in this video? The video was taken on May 3, 2011 at 9 a.m.

Hint: you might need to check the City of San Diego’s current water use ordinances to find out what is technically not allowed.

Feel free to fill out your answers in a comment box or just remember your answers and check back in one week when we post the answers.

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6 Responses for Can you spot the water waste?

  1. Jamie Ortiz says:

    I want to comment but I’m the one who made the video. Every time I see it, I get so sad. I’m still hoping to talk to Liberty Station people–again–about their overwatering. Maybe this time they’ll listen to our advice and make some changes.

  2. Ken Swaizak says:

    1. Watering during the day. Water loss due to increased evaporation and drift.
    2. Watering the impermeable surfaces: concrete, asphalt etc. Rapid evaporation and run off with no benefit to the application.
    3. Over watering in general. The soil was well saturated yet the watering continued.

  3. 1) Overspray!! The heads should be set back 18-24″ from the concrete.
    2) Inefficient irrig. heads- they should switch to MP Rotators or similar which put down water more slowly.
    3) Turf is not water wise….period.
    4) It looks like they were checking the irrig system vs. actually irrigating during the day. But it is equally sad that the guys wasn’t adjusting the heads not to water the sidewalk!
    5) Overwatering and compacted soils leading to runoff…straight into a drain!

    I would be happy to design a water-wise landscape for them for FREE just to prove how easy it is and how pretty they can be!

  4. martin white says:

    Cal Trans is either over watering at the small piece of land at 11th and A st. Or they are building a swimming pool? They are leaving the water on some times overnight. Plus they are chopping down trees by the truck load.I thought the state was broke and low on water .I do not think Cal Trans care’s about how much they are wasting or spending on non-important work. Waste, Waste, Waste, It’s the Cal Trans way !!!!

  5. Steve says:

    What part of Liberty Station is this?

  6. Jamie Ortiz says:

    Thanks for all the awesome comments. Jen is on vacation and will be back tomorrow to respond.

    Steve – This part of liberty station is near behind our office near the command center around the small rose garden and Fieldstone Legacy Plaza.