We want you to know what’s in your water

Written by San Diego Coastkeeper

What good is collecting water quality data if no one gets to see it?

In order to make data more freely available, San Diego Coastkeeper is in the process of updating our watershed wiki. The site is a platform to share information about the San Diego region’s watersheds, including data collected by the citizen water quality monitoring program. This is where users can look up data about our watersheds including beach advisories, water quality data, land use types, beneficial uses and other watershed resources. As a wiki, users are encouraged to join into the discussion. We are currently accepting feedback on how to make the data more useful and presentable.

Take a look at www.sdwatersheds.org. Learn about your local watershed, add your thoughts, and suggest improvements.

Check out beach water quality before you jump in

Written by San Diego Coastkeeper

The Fourth of July weekend brings tons of visitors to San Diego’s coastline. And San Diego Coastkeeper is helping beachgoers know what’s in the water before they dive in. On its water quality monitoring page, Coastkeeper posts the latest warnings and data from the County of San Diego Department of Environmental Health (DEH), so that revelers can empower themselves with knowledge about their favorite beach spots. The website URL is http://www.sdwatersheds.org/wiki/Beach_Monitoring.

The page contains the status (Open, Advisory, or Closed) for 56 locations where the county collects weekly water quality samples. Web browsers can learn more about their beach destination by clicking through to check out the bacterial monitoring data. The higher use beaches on the page also have links to graphs showing the history of bacterial levels at those beaches.

San Diego Coastkeeper updates the site daily, including over the Fourth of July holiday weekend.