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Dec 29 - Coastkeeper, Surfrider Release 2014 Beach Cleanup Data
December 11 - Coastkeeper Welcomes Five Members to Its Board of Directors
November 18 - San Diego Coastkeeper Lauds City Council Approval of Large-Scale Recycled Water Program
November 18 - Environmental Organizations Urge City Council to Move Forward with Large Scale Recycled Water Program
November 13 - Coastkeeper Cheers Mayor’s Support of Large Scale Recycled Water, Strongly Urges City Council Passage Next Week

October 25 - More than 100 volunteers prove 'mission possible' at today's clean the bay day
October 20 - Coastkeeper Says Enforcement is Crucial Follow-Through to Tonight's City Council Drought Alert Decision
October 8 - Coastkeeper Thanks City Council Environment Committee for Supporting Level 2 Drought Alert
October 6 - Coastkeeper Publishes Tide Pool, Snorkeling Guide to Show Proper Way to Interact with Wildlife
September 22 - Governor Brown Considering Law That Would Allow Public Health Officers to Get Faster Beach Water Quality Data
August 12 - Coastkeeper Releases New Animated Map Showing Correlation Between Region's Water Supply Sources and Drought
August 8 - San Diego Coastkeeper Announces its Annual Seaside Soiree
July 25 - Coastkeeper, Tri Club Jump into La Jolla Cove's ASBS to Celebrate National Swimmable Day
July 23 - City of San Diego Fails to Take Action in Face of Critical Drought
July 15 - Coastkeeper Encourages State Water Board to Approve Mandatory Water Restrictions
June 19 - High School Students Complete Unique Water Quality Research Project
June 17 - Data Released Today Show Californians Say Drought is "New Normal"
June 13 - South Bay Heroes Shine at Coastkeeper’s Coastal Champions
June 5 - Coastkeeper Honors Nine Community Leaders in Celebration of World Oceans Day
March 4 - San Diego Coastkeeper Welcomes Glen Schmidt to Board of Directors
March 26 - Environmental Organizations Say County Water Authority is Missing the Mark on its Water Supply Plan
March 27 - San Diego County Water Authority Wants All Residents to Pay for Costly Desalination—Even if Their City Doesn’t Buy It
March 27 - Coastkeeper Says Today's Water Authority Vote Lacks Vision
April 1 - Acclaimed Oceanside Artist to Showcase Limited Edition Prints at Culture Brewing Company’s Art & Culture Event
April 21 - Belly Up Presents Third Annual Ocean Commotion Concert
April 21- San Diego Coastkeeper Calls for 2014 Coastal Champion Nominations
February 5 - Coastkeeper Warns City of San Diego That Voluntary Water Conservation Is a Good First Step But May Not be Enough
January 24 - Coastkeeper Launches New San Diego Water Quality Database
January 17 - Coastkeeper Calls on County Water Authority to Enact Mandatory Water Conservation
January 17 - San Diego Coastkeeper Hires Matt O’Malley as Waterkeeper



December 16 - 2013 Year in Review: Coastkeeper, Surfrider Tally San Diego Beach Cleanup Data
November 5 - Mexican, American Students Learn About Water Quality at Coastkeeper's 12th Annual World Water Monitoring Day
October 26 - Hundreds of Volunteers Team Up to Clean Mission Bay
October 24 - Coastkeeper Says City's New Report Shows Need To Invest In Stormwater
September 5 - Environmental Protection Agency Appoints Witkowski to National Council
August 30 - Forum Shows Need to Connect Common Core Standards, Environmental Science
August 21 - Coastkeeper Explores How Educators Can Teach Children About the Environment
July 24 - Sailor Mark Reynolds Joins Coastkeeper's Board of Directors
June 4 - Coastkeeper Honors Seven Coastal Champions This Morning
May 23 - Memorial Day Travel Brings Massive Influx of Trash to San Diego
May 20 - Coastkeeper’s Signs of the Tide Event Encourages Residents to Conserve!
May 9 - San Diego’s Regional Board Adopts Municipal Stormwater Permit
April 30 - Coastkeeper’s Signs of the Tide Explores San Diego’s Year-Old Marine Protected Areas 
April 23 - San Diego City Council Approves Water Purification
March 21 - Coalition Supports City Council Committee’s Position on Water Purification
March 15 - San Diego Coastkeeper Reaches Agreement with Department of Defense to Reduce Sewage Spills at Camp Pendleton
March 12 - Coastkeeper's Community Advisory Council Launches LEAP
February 26 - Board of Supervisors Votes to Pursue Faster Beach Water Quality Testing



December 6 - Coastkeeper Explores Future of Low Impact Development in San Diego
November 28 - San Diego Coastkeeper's Signs of the Tide Puts a LID on Pollution
November 26 - Coastkeeper Announces Water Quality Monitoring Schedule for 2013
November 2 - Coastkeeper Hosts 11th Annual World Water Monitoring Day
October 29 - Hundreds of Volunteers, Boaters Team to Clean Mission Bay

October 15 - Seaworld and San Diego Coastkeeper Team Up to Keep Mission Bay Beautiful
October 11 - Coastkeeper Announces Members of its First Community Advisory Council
September 27 - Re-Gallery to Host Sustainable Art Show on October 13
September 20 - San Diego Coastkeeper's Water Quality Report Provides Critical Insights for Addressing Stormwater Pollution
September 11 - Save the Date for San Diego Coastkeeper's Seaside Soiree on Nov. 15
August 23 - Coastkeeper Releases App to Give Residents On-The-Go Access to Events, News
August 23 - Liquid Aloha Music Festival Brings San Diego Live Music, Cold Beer, Clean Water
August 8 - San Diego Coastkeeper Launches Community Advisory Council at Signs of the Tide
July 31 - Coastkeeper’s Signs of the Tide Invites Community to Develop Advocacy Skills
July 31 - Coastkeeper Celebrates Clean Water Act, Healthy Waters at Clear Blue 2012 on Aug. 5
July 26 - San Diego Coastkeeper Hires Education, Community Engagement Coordinators
July 25 - Conservationists, Fiscal Conservatives Gather on ‘Colorado River Day’ to Promote Water Conservation, Cost-Efficiency in San Diego
July 10 - Coastkeeper Breaks Down Info in San Diego’s Annual Drinking Water Quality Report
June 26 - San Diego Coastkeeper Announces Change in Leadership
June 11 - Regional Board Denies Polluters' Request for Deadline Extension in the Planning Provess for the San Diego Bay Cleanup Order
June 8 - Coastkeeper Honors Eight Coastal Champions This Morning
May 30 - San Diego Coastkeeper Launches Smart Phone App to Help Beachgoers Find Healthy Beaches in San Diego County

April 26 - Coastkeeper Ranks in the Nation’s Top 100 Recipients of 1% for the Planet
April 18 - San Diego Coastkeeper Approves Its 2012 - 2015 Strategic Plan
April 16 - San Diego Coastkeeper Approves Its 2012 - 2015 Strategic Plan
March 26 - San Diego Coastkeeper Opens Coastal 2012 Champions Nominations
March 26 - San Diego Coastkeeper Invites to Take on Earth Day Trivia Challenge on April 19
March 14 - Regional Water Quality Control Board Declares San Diego Bay Cleanup
January 25 - San Diego Coastkeeper Applauds Sewage Backup Generator Plan Put Forward by City of San Diego Wastewater Officials
January 11 - Coastkeeper, Surfrider Announce 2011 San Diego Beach Cleanup Data



December 19 - High Tides Illustrate Vulnerability of San Diego’s Shoreline
December 14 - San Diego Coastkeeper Announces 2011 Water Quality Monitoring Data
December 5 - Shop Smart and Win with Reusable Bags in San Diego County on Dec. 15
November 14 - San Diego Coastkeeper’s Signs of the Tide Puts a LID on Pollution
November 10 - Public Urges Regional Board to Finally Order Cleanup of San Diego Bay
November 7 - San Diego Coastkeeper Honors 2011 Coastal Champions at Ocean Gala
November 4 - “First Flush” Rain Poses Serious Threat to San Diego’s Water Quality
October 28 - San Diego Coastkeeper Swears in 200 Honorary Lifetime Members at World Water Monitoring Day in La Jolla
October 25 - San Diego Coastkeeper Announces 2011 Hall of Fame Inductees
October 17 - San Diego Coastkeeper, SDSU release sea level rise maps for region’s coastline
October 7 - Volunteer San Diego closes its doors, impacts the community
October 5 - San Diego Coastkeeper invites San Diegans to volunteer, learn and have fun
September 28 - San Diego Coastkeeper promotes staff, announces new board changes
September 26 - San Diego Coastkeeper’s data show sewage spill causes ongoing impact
September 21 - Environmental Organizations, Watchdog Group Ucan Team Up for Water Pricing Forum
September 14 - San Diego County Beer Fair gives a taste of beer, sustainability on Sept. 24
September 13 - San Diego Coastkeeper starts volunteer Pollution Patrollers program
September 12 - San Diego Coastkeeper’s Water Quality Data Reveal Severity of 1.9-Million Gallon Sewage Spill into Los Penasquitos Lagoon
September 6 - Coastal Cleanup Day organizers encourage attendance at local, inland sites
August 25 - County Issues Five Coastal Beach Warnings in Four Days
August 3 -Volunteer Registration Now Open for San Diego County’s Coastal Cleanup Day on Sept. 17
August 1-San Diego Coastkeeper Invites San Diegans to Learn and Volunteer for Clean Water
July 25 - ‘San Diego Bay’s Dirty Little Secret’ gets exposed at Aug. 9 Signs of the Tide
July 14 - Kona Brewing's Liquid Aloha Festival Raises More Than $18,000 for San Diego Coastkeeper
July 15 - San Diego Coastkeeper, City of San Diego Launch Project SWELL in 1st Grade
July 11 - San Diego Coastkeeper Announces New Executive Director
June 30 - Water Reliability Coalition Supports Water Purification Pilot Project
June 28 -San Diego Clean Beach Coalition Preps Beaches for Holiday Crowds
June 29 - Southern California Marine Protected Areas Take Effect October 1, 2011
June 17 - Coastkeeper Invites Public to View Nautical Art on July 1
June 1 - Liquid Aloha Music Festival Comes to San Diego Saturday, July 9 at the NTC Promenade, Point Loma
May 24 - San Diego Coastkeeper hosts official World Oceans Day party on June 8
May 18 - San Diego Mayor Limits City’s Use of Single-Use Plastic Water Bottles, Plastic Foam Products
April 27 - Sea Rocket Bistro to Host Sustainable Seafood Cooking Classes May 22 - 24
April 25 - May 12 Signs of the Tide explores water quality: “Is Mission Bay Gross?”
March 28 - San Diego Coastkeeper Celebrates Earth Day with ‘Smart on Water’ Trivia
February 23-Coastkeeper Announces County’s 2010 Water Quality Monitoring Data
February 10 - High Tides on February 16 - 18 to Illustrate Vulnerability of San Diego’s Shoreline
February 7 - Coastkeeper, Surfrider Announce 2010 San Diego Beach Cleanup Data


December 28 - San Diego Coastkeeper Selects Cook + Schmid for Public Awareness Campaign
December 15 - San Diego Ocean Protection Takes Historic Step Forward
December 10 - IPR Coalition Changes its Name to Water Reliability Coalition
November 23 - A Day Without A Bag Takes Over San Diego County on December 16
November 12 - San Diego Coastkeeper Announces Change in Leadership
November 8 - San Diego Coastkeeper Honors Volunteers From Across the County
November 3 - Coastkeeper Runs County’s Only Monthly Watershed Monitoring Program
October 29 - December 8 Signs of the Tide Examines San Diego’s Thirst for Water
October 26 - South Bay Power Plant Operator Withdraws Renewal Application
October 20 - Hundreds of Supporters Urge Fish & Game Commission to Choose Strong Network of Marine Protected Areas in San Diego
October 15 - Students Around the Globe Unite Today for World Water Monitoring Day
October 14 - Business Leaders: Ocean Protection is Good for California’s Economy
October 13 - Final Fish & Game Commission Public Discussion on Marine Protected Areas to be Held on Oct. 20 in San Diego
September 30 - Members of San Diego’s State Delegation Make Commitment to Clean Water
September 27 - San Diego Coastkeeper Audits North County Stormwater Programs
September 25 - Coastal Cleanup Day Takes Over San Diego County
September 17 - San Diego Coastkeeper Wins Grant to Save the Colorado River
September 15 - Registration Climbs for San Diego’s Coastal Cleanup Day on Sept. 25
September 1 - Statewide Plastic Bag Ban Fails
September 1 - Recycling Bins on Local Beaches Make Big Impact During Summer Holidays
August 31 - Senator Kehoe, Assemblyman Fletcher Co-Host San Diego Coastkeeper’s Bipartisan Legislative Breakfast on Sept. 30
August 9 - August 26 Signs of the Tide Examines San Diego’s Oil Spill Susceptibility
July 27 - City Council Approves Final Contract for Water Recycling Demonstration Project
July 15 - San Diego Coastkeeper Hires Volunteer, Lab Coordinators
July 14 - Regional Board Denies Request to Delay Bay Sediment Cleanup
July 2 - San Diego Coastkeeper’s Website Posts Current Beach Status, Data
June 16 - San Diego Coastkeeper Elects Three New Board of Directors
June 2 - San Diego Coastkeeper Wins Grant to Keep Ocean Beautiful
June 1 - Coastkeeper Encourages State Assembly to Pass Plastic Bag Ban
June 1 - San Diego Coastkeeper Celebrates World Oceans Day
May 18 - Coastkeeper Advises City, Mayor to Revise Flooding Plan
May 11 - San Diego Coastkeeper, City of San Diego Launch Project SWELL in Kindergarten
May 5 - State Water Board Acts on Devastating Power Plant Cooling Systems
April 15 - Coastkeeper’s Signs of the Tide Tackles Trash in the Ocean
April 13 - San Diego Coastkeeper, Surfrider Foundation Publish 2009 Beach Cleanup Data
April 12 - John Paul McNeill Joins San Diego Coastkeeper’s Board of Directors
March 30 - Bare Back Grill Hosts Bash for the Beach on Thursday, April 8
March 26 - State Water Board makes imprudent decision to dismiss desalination petition
March 3 - Coastkeeper Hires Clay Clifton to Manage Watershed Monitoring Program
March 2 - Coastkeeper Launches Signs of the Tide with Science Education Forum
February 24 - Coastkeeper Commends City of San Diego for Drop in Sewage Spills
February 17 - Coastkeeper Brings City Heights 3rd Annual Walk the Watershed
February 10 - Coastal Commission Agrees Poseidon Intentionally Omitted Information
January 28 - San Diego Council Approves Next Phase of Water Recycling Plan


December 15 - Coastkeeper Executive Director to Make Science Education Recommendations
October 16 - Environmental Groups Challenge Inadequate Desalination Review

September 30 - Cali Bamboo Donates $14,000 to Support Coastkeeper’s Watershed Monitoring Program
September 19 - Coastal Cleanup Day Makes a Splash in San Diego County
September 8 - Less Than Two Weeks Until California Coastal Cleanup Day
September 3 - Major Victory for Environmental Groups
September 1 - Environmental Groups Decry Legislative ‘End Run’ around State Environmental Laws
August 6 - Court Defers to Agency in Lawsuit Over Carlsbad Desal Plant
August 5 - City Launches Regional Assessment of Sewage System to Identify Reclamation Opportunities
July 17 - San Diego Coastkeeper Launches Interactive Watershed Database
June 12 - Regional Board Approves Stringent Discharge Permit for Two Bay Facilitie

June 10 - Coastkeeper/EHC Join Environmental & Environmental Justice Coalition
June 5 - World Oceans Day Beach, Dive & Kayak Cleanup at La Jolla Shores
May 13 - Environmental Groups Decry Water Board Approval of Mitigation Plan for Carlsbad Desal Plant
April 9 - Flawed Analysis, New Impacts Require Further Assessment on Desalination Plant
March 25 - Coastkeeper Applauds County’s Decision to Resume Beach Monitoring to Protect Public Health
March 6 - 2nd Annual “Walk the Watershed”
February 11 - San Diego Water Board Delays Action on Desal Plant
February 3 - San Diego Coastkeeper Launches New Beach Cleanup Program
January 27 - San Diego City Council Approves Agreement with Environmental Groups Over Point Loma Sewage Treatment Exemption
January 14 - San Diego Coastkeeper and Surfrider Foundation Begin to See Trend in Beach Cleanup Data Collection


December 12 - City of San Diego NR&C Committee to Vote on Plastic Bag Ban Ordinance
November 18 - City Council Approves Demonstration Water Recycling Project
October 14 - Students around the Globe Came to Chula Vista for 7th Annual World Wter Monitoring Day
October 10 - Students from San Diego & Tijuana Celebrate World Water Monitoring Day
September 29 - Coastkeeper Selected to Taskforce to Enhance Marine Protection in Southern California
September 26 - Environmental Groups Sue State Lands Commission over Desalination Plant
September 19 - Environmental Groups Sue San Diego Water Board
September 11 - Plastic Bag Ordinances Move Forward in Coastal Cities
September 11 - Buena Vista Lagoon Benefits From Settlement
September 9 - City Council Moves Pilot Water Production Facility Forward
August 21 - Environmental Groups Demand Carbon Neutrality for Carlsbad Desalination Plant
August 20 - San Diegans Will Come Together to Cleanup Local Communities
June 23 - San Diego Groups Seek Everyone’s Help To Prevent the Trashing of Beaches
June 6 - World Ocean Day Beach & Kayak Cleanup at La Jolla Shores
May 2 - Coastkeeper Responds to Mayoral Staff’s ‘Foul Email’
April 24 - Coastkeeper Calls for Comprehensive Border Sewage Solution
April 9 - Environmental Groups Caution Agency on Carlsbad Desalination Vote
April 8 - Under State and Community Pressure, Regional Water Board Releases Delayed Contaminated Sediment Files


December 17 - San Diego Regional Water Board Approves Bacteria Cleanup Plans for Local Beaches
December 12 - Regional Water Board Approves Fireworks Discharge Permit
December 6 - Marine Life Protection Act Announces Move to Southern California
December 4 - City Council Moves Ahead with Water Reuse Plan
November 3 - San Diego Coastkeeper Partners with California Paddle 2007 on World Record Expedition
October 31 - California State Lands Commission Postpones Decision Carlsbad Desalianation Project
October 30 - Federal Court Execution and Acceptance of San Diego Sewage Settlement
October 18 - City Council Outpaces Mayor on 2007 San Diego Water Quality Report Card
October 18 - Students Around the Globe Came to Chula Vista for World Water Monitoring Day
October 11 - Students Around the Globe Came to Poway for World Water Monitoring Day
August 31 - 23rd Annual California Coastal Cleanup Day
August 28 - Coastkeeper Asks Community to Name New Boat


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Fishable Facts

  • Kelp forests play home to more than 700 species of marine creatures.
  • Many factors including pollution, climate change, and over-fishing contribute to kelp forest decline, and their collective impact is far greater than any individual stressor.
  • Research has shown that grazing by inflated sea urchins populations damaged kelp forests and slowed recovery in the '50s to '70s off Point Loma. Sea otters, lobster, and sheephead fish are important predators, keeping urchin populations in check.
  • Many fish off California's coast are in such decline that some species will take 50-80 years to recover to healthy levels.
  • La Jolla's lush kelp forest is like a stand of underwater redwoods – it provides food and shelter for hundreds of species, from tiny invertebrates to fish, mammals and birds.
  • Since 1990, revenues from commercial fishing have declined by more than half and the number of fishing boats calling at California ports has declined by nearly three-quarters.
  • Average size across a wide range of West Coast fish is down by half from 20 years ago.
  • A 40-cm bocaccio rockfish produces an average of just over 200,000 eggs per year, whereas an 80-cm fish at double the length produces nearly 10 times as many eggs (2 million)!
  • Nearly 80 percent of marine debris comes from land-based sources.
  • Regardless of their size, plastic pollution bits are not digestible by any creature.
  • More than 60 percent of all marine debris is plastic.
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