July 30 - Biggest California Water Users Targeted for Enforcement Action

California Waterkeepers call for bigger cuts to outdoor water use and increased investment in enforcement


July 29 - Coastkeeper Argues that San Diego County Water Authority’s Water Supply Plan Fails to Address Environmental Impacts

Today’s oral arguments are the first in organization’s 2014 lawsuit filed against the water supplier


July 10 - Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Selected as Keynote Speaker for Coastkeeper’s 18th Annual Seaside Soiree

San Diego’s water quality watchdog says important fundraiser honors 20 years of impact


June 11 - San Diego Coastkeeper Celebrates 20th Anniversary Protecting the County’s Waters

Region's water quality, water supply watchdog announces event honoring two decades of impact


June 8 - San Diego Coastkeeper Honors Coastal Champions on World Oceans Day

Awards breakfast highlights San Diego Coastkeeper’s 20th anniversary protecting the county’s waters


May 7 - San Diego Coastkeeper Says Yesterday’s Approval of Amendment to State’s Ocean Plan Sets Unclear Standards For Desalination Plants

Watchdog organization says decision by the State Water Resources Control Board could allow mistakes of Carlsbad Desalination plant to propagate statewide


April 8 - Bands Announced for Coastkeeper’s 4th-Annual Ocean Commotion Concert on April 18

Lee Koch, Jah-N-1 Roots, Mono Verde and Wag Halen join headliner The Barnwell Shift in the all-volunteer lineup


April 7 - Coastkeeper Says Today’s Approval of Statewide Trash Rules is Great for San Diego

California State Water Quality Control Board passes mandatory guidelines for cities and counties to prevent trash from reaching our waters


April 1 - San Diego Coastkeeper Opens Nominations for Coastal Champions Awards

On June 8, yearly event will recognize clean water advocates, projects across the county


March 17 - Coastkeeper Welcomes Today's State Water Board Approval; Sees Room For Stronger Regulations

San Diego-based watchdog says emergency conservation measures should become permanent new normal


March 11 - Coastkeeper Publishes 2014 Water Quality Data, Highlighting Impacts from Drought

Watchdog organization reports that low water levels likely affect San Diego's water quality, too


February 25 - Campland on the Bay Selects San Diego Coastkeeper as Fundraising Beneficiary

Initial $15,000 donation kicks off ongoing campaign to support clean water


February 24 - Coastkeeper Says Referendum Against Statewide Plastic Bag Ban Should Incentivize Mayor Faulconer and Council to Move on Local Law

Clean water advocates say it's less costly for taxpayers to address the plastic bag pollution at its source


February 17 - Research Released Today Reinforces Need for Cities to Retain, Enforce Mandatory Water-Use Restrictions

Water supply watchdog says Equinox Center's new report uncovered alarming trends in long-term water use in the county


January 21 - Coastkeeper Celebrates 20th Anniversary with its 4th-Annual Ocean Commotion Concert on April 18

Oceanside's The Barnwell Shift to headline outdoor show at Campland on the Bay


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Donate to San Diego Coastkeeper

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Does San Diego have aquaculture?

Does San Diego have aquaculture?

San Diego has aquaculture projects of various sizes and purposes in San Diego County. Each is a different form of aquaculture--which means they are in the business of fish production...

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss the Se…

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss the Seaside Soiree

The 18th annual Seaside Soiree is coming up! This year's event runs from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. with VIP Entertainment and Boat Rides starting at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday...

Third Graders Bring Trash To Life

Third Graders Bring Trash To Life

We love Explorer Elementary. After learning about pollution and water science from our interactive Project SWELL curriculum, Explorer Elementary teachers took their dedication to immersing students in environmental science concepts...

Meet The Coastal Champions of 2015

Meet The Coastal Champions of 2015

This year is our 20th anniversary and we are proud to announce the Coastal Champions on World Oceans Day. These individuals, organizations and businesses have helped ensure that San Diego...

Our Kids Love “Gross Stuff” And That Mak…

Our Kids Love “Gross Stuff” And That Makes Me Happy

Haley Cahill was our education intern from January to June 2015. She is majoring in Environmental Studies at the University of San Diego and believes the answer to improving many...

The Water War For Lake Mead

The Water War For Lake Mead

Formerly America’s largest reservoir, providing water for 20 million people in Arizona, Nevada and California, Lake Mead hit a historic low on April 30. This low wasn’t an inevitability of...

20 Years is Celebrateable

20 Years is Celebrateable

It’s been twenty years since two gutsy water lovers took action to stop the toxic dumping that was slowly killing San Diego Bay. In 1995, they created San Diego Baykeeper...

The Ocean Enthusiasts of Coronado Middle…

The Ocean Enthusiasts of Coronado Middle School

An important step in protecting and restoring fishable, swimmable, drinkable water is making sure we have informed and passionate leaders in the next generation to which we can hand off...

Water Quality 2014 - More Impacts from t…

Water Quality 2014 - More Impacts from the Drought

In 2014: Looks like San Diego's drought affects more than water quantity—and we have the data to show it. We proudly announce the results of our 2014 Water Quality Monitoring efforts, and...

Water Quality 2014: San Luis Rey Watersh…

Water Quality 2014: San Luis Rey Watershed

Water Quality Index Score: 77, Fair We tracked two parameters of concern in San Luis Rey Watershed: Turbidity: Two-thirds of the turbidity samples exceeded healthy standards Levels of pH: Over half of the...

Fishable Facts

  • Kelp forests play home to more than 700 species of marine creatures.
  • Many factors including pollution, climate change, and over-fishing contribute to kelp forest decline, and their collective impact is far greater than any individual stressor.
  • Research has shown that grazing by inflated sea urchins populations damaged kelp forests and slowed recovery in the '50s to '70s off Point Loma. Sea otters, lobster, and sheephead fish are important predators, keeping urchin populations in check.
  • Many fish off California's coast are in such decline that some species will take 50-80 years to recover to healthy levels.
  • La Jolla's lush kelp forest is like a stand of underwater redwoods – it provides food and shelter for hundreds of species, from tiny invertebrates to fish, mammals and birds.
  • Since 1990, revenues from commercial fishing have declined by more than half and the number of fishing boats calling at California ports has declined by nearly three-quarters.
  • Average size across a wide range of West Coast fish is down by half from 20 years ago.
  • A 40-cm bocaccio rockfish produces an average of just over 200,000 eggs per year, whereas an 80-cm fish at double the length produces nearly 10 times as many eggs (2 million)!
  • Nearly 80 percent of marine debris comes from land-based sources.
  • Regardless of their size, plastic pollution bits are not digestible by any creature.
  • More than 60 percent of all marine debris is plastic.
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