Jan 21 - Coastkeeper Celebrates 20th Anniversary with its 4th-Annual Ocean Commotion Concert on April 18

Oceanside's The Barnwell Shift to headline outdoor show at Campland on the Bay


Jan 25 - San Diego Coastkeeper Applauds Sewage Backup Generator Plan Put Forward by City of San Diego Wastewater Officials

Coastkeeper encourages City Council to approve the infrastructure upgrade to protect the region’s economy, health, environment


May 30 - Coastkeeper to Honor Coastal Champions on World Oceans Day

June 8 event at Birch Aquarium is now free thanks to generous support from event sponsors


Jun 26 - San Diego Coastkeeper Announces Change in Leadership

Organization on track to achieve its 2012- 2015 strategic plan finalized this year


Mar 26 - San Diego Coastkeeper Invites to Take on Earth Day Trivia Challenge on April 19

Celebrate Earth Day with Coastkeeper at Raglan Public House in Ocean Beach


Apr 16 - San Diego Coastkeeper Approves Its 2012 - 2015 Strategic Plan

The organization also welcomes four board of directors to its leadership team


Apr 18 - San Diego Coastkeeper Approves Its 2012 - 2015 Strategic Plan

The organization also welcomes four board of directors to its leadership team


Mar 26 - San Diego Coastkeeper Opens Coastal 2012 Champions Nominations

The organization will hold the awards breakfast on World Oceans Day


Mar 14 - Regional Water Quality Control Board Declares San Diego Bay Cleanup

Wednesday’s final ruling comes after a 20-year-long battle


Jun 11 - Regional Board Denies Polluters’ Request for Deadline Extension in the Planning Process for the San Diego Bay Cleanup Order

Decision signals the governing body’s commitment to an expeditious process


Jan 11 - Coastkeeper, Surfrider Announce 2011 San Diego Beach Cleanup Data

Volunteers collected more than 100,000 pieces of plastic countywide


Apr 26 - Coastkeeper Ranks in the Nation’s Top 100 Recipients of 1% for the Planet

Cali Bamboo tops Coastkeeper’s biggest 1% for the Planet donors from 2008 - 2010


San Diego Coastkeeper Launches Smart Phone App to Help Beachgoers Find Healthy Beaches in San Diego County

New Swim Guide also shares water quality at more than 400 beaches statewide


Dec 29 - Coastkeeper, Surfrider Release 2014 Beach Cleanup Data

Yearly totals indicate a troubling trend of inland trash making its way to the ocean


December 11 - Coastkeeper Welcomes Five Members to Its Board of Directors

Volunteer board also approves new officers for 2015


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Donate to San Diego Coastkeeper

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These Ten Locations Featuring Urban Runoff Pollution Will Shock You

Every year, the first major rain after the dry summer season gives us an opportunity to see the complicated problem of urban runoff and its impacts to our water quality...

“I Would Vacuum The World!”

“I Would Vacuum The World!”

Without question, my favorite task as part of the education team at San Diego Coastkeeper is teaching lessons for ProjectSWELL. Project SWELL (Stewardship: Water Education for Lifelong Leadership), a school-based science...

Port Funds $2.5M to Protect Water and Co…

Port Funds $2.5M to Protect Water and Communities

"The San Diego Unified Port District will protect the Tidelands Trust resources by providing economic vitality and community benefit through a balanced approach to maritime industry, tourism, water and land...

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This last legislative session was good for California's waters. Our elected officials passed a package of bills to initiate regulation on the use of our overtapped groundwater resources, -- a...

New Classroom Presentations Teach Studen…

New Classroom Presentations Teach Students About Our Most Precious Resource

As this historic drought continues, it’s easy to see how dependent we are on water. Allowing students at a young age to explore the water in their communities creates a...

17th Annual Seaside Soiree Raises $30,00…

17th Annual Seaside Soiree Raises $30,000!

Wow! The Seaside Soiree was a lot of fun and a huge success. It was great to talk to you about your vision for fishable, swimmable and drinkable waters in San...

2014 Seaside Soiree Auction List: more p…

2014 Seaside Soiree Auction List: more prizes than you can shake a fish at

This year's Seaside Soiree will feature the following incredible prize packages for auction. If you haven't bought your tickets yet, buy them now here! Food. Drinks. Fishy Dance Moves.September 10, 2014.6pm...

Fishable Facts

  • Kelp forests play home to more than 700 species of marine creatures.
  • Many factors including pollution, climate change, and over-fishing contribute to kelp forest decline, and their collective impact is far greater than any individual stressor.
  • Research has shown that grazing by inflated sea urchins populations damaged kelp forests and slowed recovery in the '50s to '70s off Point Loma. Sea otters, lobster, and sheephead fish are important predators, keeping urchin populations in check.
  • Many fish off California's coast are in such decline that some species will take 50-80 years to recover to healthy levels.
  • La Jolla's lush kelp forest is like a stand of underwater redwoods – it provides food and shelter for hundreds of species, from tiny invertebrates to fish, mammals and birds.
  • Since 1990, revenues from commercial fishing have declined by more than half and the number of fishing boats calling at California ports has declined by nearly three-quarters.
  • Average size across a wide range of West Coast fish is down by half from 20 years ago.
  • A 40-cm bocaccio rockfish produces an average of just over 200,000 eggs per year, whereas an 80-cm fish at double the length produces nearly 10 times as many eggs (2 million)!
  • Nearly 80 percent of marine debris comes from land-based sources.
  • Regardless of their size, plastic pollution bits are not digestible by any creature.
  • More than 60 percent of all marine debris is plastic.
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