October 20 - Coastkeeper Says Enforcement is Crucial Follow-Through to Tonight's City Council Drought Alert Decision

Water supply watchdog supports mandatory restrictions, pledges to monitor City's enforcement efforts


October 8 - Coastkeeper Thanks City Council Environment Committee for Supporting Level 2 Drought Alert

Water supply watchdog urges full city council to follow suit by supporting the mandatory water restrictions at its meeting later this month


October 6- Coastkeeper Publishes Tide Pool, Snorkeling Guide to Show Proper Way to Interact with Wildlife

Temperatures remain high, tides are down: information illustrates how to safely tidepool and snorkel in San Diego waters


September 22 - Governor Brown Considering Law That Would Allow Public Health Officers to Get Faster Beach Water Quality Data

Coastkeeper says bill would enable San Diego County to deliver same day beach warnings.


August 12 - Coastkeeper Releases New Animated Map Showing Correlation Between Region's Water Supply Sources and Drought

Map illustrates severity of and growing risk in current water supply sources


August 8 - San Diego Coastkeeper Announces its Annual Seaside Soiree

Proceeds from September 10 event will protect fishable, swimmable and drinkable waters in San Diego County


July 25 - Coastkeeper, Tri Club Jump into La Jolla Cove's ASBS to Celebrate National Swimmable Day

Organizations joined forces during today's First Light Swim to celebrate San Diego's clean waters


July 23 - City of San Diego Fails to Take Action in Face of Critical Drought

Watchdog organizations say America's 8th largest city shamefully declines to elevate its drought response conditions to minimum requirements


July 15 - Coastkeeper Encourages State Water Board to Approve Mandatory Water Restrictions

Watchdog organization says it's critical for San Diego to achieve the short-term 20 percent conservation goal, long-term change in water ethic


June 19 - High School Students Complete Unique Water Quality Research Project

San Diego Coastkeeper shares insightful research project results on its website


June 17 - Data Released Today Show Californians Say Drought is "New Normal"

Coastkeeper releases digital map illustrating severe risk in water supply sources as they relate to drought conditions


June 13 - South Bay Heroes Shine at Coastkeeper’s Coastal Champions

Annual awards ceremony honors San Diego County clean water advocates 


June 5 - Coastkeeper Honors Nine Community Leaders in Celebration of World Oceans Day

Organization to present Coastal Champion awards at Birch Aquarium on June 13


Coastkeeper Files Lawsuit Against San Diego County Water Authority

Watchdog organization says water agency violated the law when it failed to address environmental impacts in its water supply plan


April 21- San Diego Coastkeeper Calls for 2014 Coastal Champion Nominations

Organization to hold awards breakfast in honor of World Oceans Day


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Donate to San Diego Coastkeeper

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Port Funds $2.5M to Protect Water and Co…

Port Funds $2.5M to Protect Water and Communities

"The San Diego Unified Port District will protect the Tidelands Trust resources by providing economic vitality and community benefit through a balanced approach to maritime industry, tourism, water and land...

Two Hours: Tell Governor Brown We Need W…

Two Hours: Tell Governor Brown We Need Water Quality Results Faster

This last legislative session was good for California's waters. Our elected officials passed a package of bills to initiate regulation on the use of our overtapped groundwater resources, -- a...

New Classroom Presentations Teach Studen…

New Classroom Presentations Teach Students About Our Most Precious Resource

As this historic drought continues, it’s easy to see how dependent we are on water. Allowing students at a young age to explore the water in their communities creates a...

17th Annual Seaside Soiree Raises $30,00…

17th Annual Seaside Soiree Raises $30,000!

Wow! The Seaside Soiree was a lot of fun and a huge success. It was great to talk to you about your vision for fishable, swimmable and drinkable waters in San...

2014 Seaside Soiree Auction List: more p…

2014 Seaside Soiree Auction List: more prizes than you can shake a fish at

This year's Seaside Soiree will feature the following incredible prize packages for auction. If you haven't bought your tickets yet, buy them now here! Food. Drinks. Fishy Dance Moves.September 10, 2014.6pm...

Staying Safe and Staying Green

Welcome to part four of our five part blog series (see part one and two, three and five) on the best ways to enjoy San Diego's very own ASBS and Matlahuayl State Marine Reserve...

Marine Ecology 101

Marine Ecology 101

Welcome to part two of our three part blog series (see part one, three, four and five) on the best ways to enjoy San Diego's very own ASBS and Matlahuayl State Marine Reserve...

Five Ways to Make a Difference

Five Ways to Make a Difference

Looking for an easy way to help improve San Diego's beaches, bays and rivers? Here at San Diego Coastkeeper, we take tremendous pride in our efforts to protect our fishable, swimmable...

Cultivating Stewardship Downtown

Cultivating Stewardship Downtown

After a long time on the waiting list, my mother and I received custody of a large wooden box full of dirt that sits in an old vacant parking lot...

Birds Losing Habitat as We Pull the Wate…

Birds Losing Habitat as We Pull the Water Out From Under Them

How is San Diego's water supply connected to other locations throughout our region? This blog, written by PhD Candidate Alida Cantor, looks at a particular connection: birds at the Salton...

Fishable Facts

  • Kelp forests play home to more than 700 species of marine creatures.
  • Many factors including pollution, climate change, and over-fishing contribute to kelp forest decline, and their collective impact is far greater than any individual stressor.
  • Research has shown that grazing by inflated sea urchins populations damaged kelp forests and slowed recovery in the '50s to '70s off Point Loma. Sea otters, lobster, and sheephead fish are important predators, keeping urchin populations in check.
  • Many fish off California's coast are in such decline that some species will take 50-80 years to recover to healthy levels.
  • La Jolla's lush kelp forest is like a stand of underwater redwoods – it provides food and shelter for hundreds of species, from tiny invertebrates to fish, mammals and birds.
  • Since 1990, revenues from commercial fishing have declined by more than half and the number of fishing boats calling at California ports has declined by nearly three-quarters.
  • Average size across a wide range of West Coast fish is down by half from 20 years ago.
  • A 40-cm bocaccio rockfish produces an average of just over 200,000 eggs per year, whereas an 80-cm fish at double the length produces nearly 10 times as many eggs (2 million)!
  • Nearly 80 percent of marine debris comes from land-based sources.
  • Regardless of their size, plastic pollution bits are not digestible by any creature.
  • More than 60 percent of all marine debris is plastic.
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