Coastkeeper Events

Ongoing events

Oceanside_Cleanup_mar_12_2011_028Beach Cleanups
One of San Diego Coastkeeper’s most popular events are twice-a-month beach cleanups hosted in conjunction with the Surfrider Foundation, San Diego Chapter. The beach cleanups rotate locations along San Diego’s coastline. Learn more about our monthly beach cleanups and how to host your own cleanup.

Signs of the Tide: Understanding San Diego’s Water
Coastkeeper’s quarterly public forum aimed at educating the community on the San Diego’s most pressing environmental issues. Our expert panelists cover different angles of pressing water issues to help you stay current and get involved.


img_0648-sSan Diego Water Quality Monitoring
Coastkeeper run the state’s largest volunteer water quality monitoring program from our lab in San Diego. Volunteers collect monthly water quality monitoring data that helps us assess the health of San Diego’s water. Find the next water quality monitoring training on our events calendar.



Pollution Patrollers
Urban runoff and the pollution it picks up is the biggest threat to water quality in San Diego. But we’re going to turn the tides and use our biggest asset to combat our biggest threat: our incredible volunteer base. Check out our events calendar for the next available training.



Volunteer Core Training
San Diego Coastkeeper’s Volunteer Core is a dedicated and trained group of volunteers with varied skills and backgrounds who aid in our efforts to accomplish our mission. Members attend a onetime training and create a custom volunteer plan with our volunteer coordinator. Apply to become a Volunteer Core member and dedicate yourself to clean water.


Annual Events

oceangalaOcean Gala
San Diego Coastkeeper’s annual fundraising function. Come out and enjoy a night out on the town and help protect San Diego’s coastal and inland waters.




Swan_Canyon_3.20.10_115Walk the Watershed
Our annual family education event aims to increase awareness within the community about how residents can restore and protect their watershed. Students of all ages and community members walk a path through a natural canyon and nearby neighborhoods, and they stop at educational stations along the way. We build connections between local youth and San Diego’s ocean, bays and water so they will become tomorrow’s generation of coastal stewards.

IMG_1321World Water Monitoring Day
A global effort to assess and improve water quality in San Diego and around the world takes place every year. San Diego Coastkeeper and Sister Schools of San Diego provide free monitoring kits for students to learn about water chemistry, bioassessment and the negative impacts of urban runoff in our region.