California Coastkeeper Alliance

To paraphrase an old adage, all politics are, in their way, local. Because pollutants and waters don’t recognize borders on a map, it is vitally important that we all get a comprehensive idea about all the forces that can adversely or positively impact them.

The good news is the California Coastkeeper Alliance, the statewide voice for our waters, makes it easier than ever to stay up to date on all the issues, and to identify proactive ways that you can take action. Founded in 1999, California Coastkeeper was established to coordinate, support and enhance the work of local California Waterkeeper organizations in order to ensure Californians get to enjoy clean and abundant water and habitats. The Alliance and its member Waterkeeper organizations represent the only statewide-local partnership focused on the health of the state’s waters and coastal ecosystems. Coordinating on-the-ground work at the community level while proactively taking on policy work at the statewide level, California Coastkeeper protects and expands upon the advances made by Waterkeepers statewide by advocating before state decision-makers on water-related issues important to California’s diverse communities.

Since its inception, California Coastkeeper has had a role in the passage of hundreds of policies and pieces of legislation. Want to have your say in the next? Follow our statewide alliance on Facebook and Twitter for legislative updates and calls to action and visit its webpage for the latest in pending legislation, hot button issues and ways to play your own important role in advocating for healthy and clean water.