Here we are—the people behind San Diego Coastkeeper. Please find phone numbers and email addresses on our staff contact page.

matt omalley2Matt O’Malley, Executive Director and Managing Attorney

Hometown: Palisades Park, New Jersey

I live in San Diego because: I can snorkel. It gives a single view into two unique but closely connected worlds – one above and one below the surface.

I wish every San Diegan knew: The best beers on the planet are made here.

Invulnerable: Let’s create a regulatory framework where absolute protection is the default; one that adopts a regenerative, restorative, integrated-water approach and recognizes the benefits of clean water for everyone, as a basic right.
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Kristin Kuhn, Programs Director

Hometown: Bigfork, Montana.

I live in San Diego because: Most of my family is here now. San Diego also has an incredible mix of places to play: the ocean, coastline, vast deserts, and craggy granite peaks.

I wish every San Diegan knew: How incredibly lucky we are to have the Pacific Ocean in our front yard and the Pacific Crest Trail in our backyard.

Unforgettable: Our shared waters provide unforgettable experiences when we play in them, but water also shouldn’t be undervalued in its more mundane, though critical, role in keeping our bodies, homes and cities alive and functioning.
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Sandra lebron

Sandra J. Lebrón, Education Manager

Hometown: Puerto Rico

I live in San Diego because: Yummy, delicious, international food, tide pools, and whale watching!

I wish every San Diegan knew: No matter what hometown food you crave, there is a 99 percent possibility you can find it in San Diego cooked by the hand of a fellow compatriot.

Teachable: Science and water surround us; teaching water conservation is easier with so many teachable moments around us!
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Meredith, Lab Coordinator

Meredith Meyers, Staff Scientist/Lab Manager

Hometown: Miami, FL.

I live in San Diego because: I can dip my toes in the ocean every single day.

I wish every San Diegan knew: You can swim with leopard sharks every summer and fall.

Inseparable: Clean water and a healthy ecosystem go hand in hand. Let’s help preserve San Diego’s incredible natural environment by protecting its water resources.
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stephanie ritterStephanie Ritter, Development Manager

Hometown: San Anselmo, Calif.

I live in San Diego because: Local craft beer. Sunset Cliffs. Mexican food.

I wish every San Diegan knew: You can play volleyball just about anywhere and with just about anyone.

Playable: Our lives revolve around playing in and around the water. Keeping our waters clean and healthy ensures that our lives are clean and healthy as well.
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Ally Kawamoto

Ally Kawamoto, Marine Debris Coordinator

Hometown: Surrey, England

I live in San Diego because: I love spending time in the ocean and we have sunshine most days of the year.

I wish every San Diegan knew: How lucky we are with the beautiful weather. Being able to go outdoors and feel the warmth of the sun makes a huge difference to our quality of life.

Surfable: San Diego is home to many great surf breaks and beaches. Unfortunately, when it rains, pollution from inland (trash, car oils, detergents, etc.) gets washed down the streets and into the storm drains, ultimately ending up in the ocean. Keeping the water clean and safe is essential for a healthy lifestyle.
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Josh Brooks

Josh Brooks, Staff Attorney

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

I live in San Diego because: Whenever I feel like it, I can go out on a boat with my family and see hundreds of dolphins going about their daily lives.

I wish every San Diegan knew: That we live in the most biodiverse county in North America.

Imperishable: Since time immemorial, the land and waters of San Diego County have been home to thousands of species of birds, reptiles, and amphibians, 90+ species of terrestrial mammals, and 30+ species of marine mammals. This place has been their home far longer than it has been ours, and it is our duty to tread lightly for their sake and for the sake of future generations of San Diegans.
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